Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time Does Fly - What's Next?

Well, time does fly when having fun. I have been working on multiple projects, bouncing from one to the other and moving forward on none.

So here is a preview of my latest projects that I will be presenting, hopefully, in the next few weeks, in no particular order.

First, and hopefully soonest is a podcast of the San Diego Union, May 4, 1890 article tracing the story of San Diego Lodge #35. This will be offered as an mp3 as well as posted on my You Tube channel., links will be provided.

Second, I am preparing the next part of my collection of research on the Villa Montezuma. This piece covers San Diego newspaper articles from the year 1887.

I envision the entire collection to contain about 6-8 sections:

I           Pre-San Diego
II         1887    San Diego Newspapers
III        1888   
IV        1889   
V         The Golden Era
VI        Letters
VIII     Dare and the Castle
IX        ?

As you can see, I am releasing them out of order, because it was more important to me to get the information out rather than fret over details of organization. I may decide, once all parts are completed to release them in sequence. But that is in the future, if there is enough interest.
Third, I am working on a transcription of an interview with political commentator David Frum by Political Wire Podcast from January 9, 2014 with permission of the podcast staff. Also, I plan to write an essay discussing the evolution of Mr. Frum's politics from the early 1990s to this podcast interview.

Fourth, who knows what else !

How exciting!!