Friday, July 11, 2014

I am humbled.

I was humbled.

Yesterday morning, William (my dear friend), and I were walking in Old Town San Diego. We both walk with canes due to various health conditions; and we were complaining about it...Sore back, sore leg, sore belly, headaches, exhaustion...

Then William drew my attention to a man in front of us. He was a relatively older gentleman, perhaps mid to late sixties. His left leg was missing. He wore a prosthetic from the thigh down. He was pushing a woman, who I assumed to be his wife, in a wheelchair. They were both smiling, seeming to enjoy their outing together.

We became quiet...For myself, I felt petty and small.

A few more steps and we arrived at our destination. As we were entering, William said something...To paraphrase:

I was walking with no shoes, I came upon a man with no feet.


I am humbled.