Monday, September 29, 2014


A Review of Between Blinks by Janet Ference (2012, Kindle Edition)

Sometimes 140 characters is more than enough to convey everything that needs to be said to tell an entire story.

Between Blinks was my first exposure to this writing style; and I was well pleased. The twitter tale, also called twitter fiction or twitfic, is a subset of the flash fiction style of story telling. Indeed, it maybe the ultimate expression of flash fiction.

At first, I believed this style to be a novelty. But the "twitter tale" style of story telling is, in my oBetween Blinkspinion, complex and sophisticated. A twitfic is very similar in appearance and style to a prose couplet.

In this collection, the author presents approximately 200 of her own twitter tales. This work is divided into four sections - Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Not every twitter tale resonated with me. But enough did, that this work impressed me and turned me into a true believer. I am hooked and look forward to further works by this author as well as works by others in this genre.

Ms. Ference has my thanks for making this collection available.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

HITM Press is here!!!

I am very pleased to announce that HITM Press went live on September 1, 2014.

Formally known as "History In The Making" and after a few false starts, this long-time dream has been realized at last. HITM Press is a micro-publisher focusing on kindle (mobi), html, pdf, and mp3 formats. Its fundamental purpose is to resurrect the wonder and beauty of the past through making documents and other works available.

In addition, I am also very happy to announce that negotiations are underway for HITM Press to publish the works of the noted historian of California and San Diego, Guire J. Cleary. "Follow" us to receive updates as to when his works will be available for purchase.


The mission of HITM Press is to make available various historic documents and other items that are of interest to our audience. Our products strive to maintain high publishing standards at little or no cost and are produced in a variety of digital formats.

HITM Press strongly believes that such items should be made available to the largest possible audience. Publishing these articles in their entirety allows primary source material to be presented in a format conducive to further interest and scholarship.

These works are intended primarily as an aide to researchers and other interested parties by providing additional historic context. Original spelling has been preserved except where it would cloud understanding. Grammar and word order have not been altered.