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A Few Thoughts on RAWR by Eddie Generous

Or, as I like to call it “Jurassic Grizzly.”

This is another quick post for a short novella; derivative and unusually unique at the same time, the premise behind this tale is wild!

As several preceding blog posts of mine have shown, I have a soft spot for certain time-travel tropes in fiction. Rawr takes the idea of a time traveler to an extreme and wildly unusual degree.

I loved it!

The beast had no way of knowing or understanding that the light in her cave emerged from the random mixture of calcified iron and rhodium deposits that banked the unencumbered solar rays against the center of the planet’s gravitational pull in a medley that bent the speed of time within the cave.
[Loc. 76]


Eddie Generous’ novella, RAWR, was published on 27 October 2019 by Severed Press. This blog post considers the Kindle version.


There is not much biographical information available.

Eddie Generous was born in Ontario and now lives on the Canadian Pacific Coast. A new author on the horror scene, Generous is also the host of the podcast, Unnerving and the administrator for the Unnerving website as well as the founder/editor/publisher of Unnerving Magazine.


Before getting into a brief summary and discussion of Rawr, a brief exploration of a related topic will prove instructive and is in order. As I stated in a previous post, one of my favorite sub-genres of horror is the 80s slasher film. But, a close second to my favorite horror sub-genres is that of “natural horror.”

The “‘natural horror” sub-genre (also known as “creature features”) highlights elements of nature that act to threaten (i.e. eat) humans. In modern times, killer animal movies began in 1975 with Jaws.


Rawr opens with an absolutely enormous example of a short-faced bear (Arctodus simus) resting at the base of a mountain. For reference, this ancient bear stands over sixteen feet tall on two legs and weighs in at 3,000 pounds plus! Truly, a colossus!

The image below is a recreation of an average-sized short-faced bear, about twelve feet tall or so and 1,800 to 2,000 pounds. Not even close to this tale’s beast!

Without preamble, the area is struck by a powerful earthquake. Terrified, the bear runs into a nearby cave, instinctively seeking safety in it dark depths. With the shaking only growing in intensity, the great bear is being thrown and bounced around the cave. Then, due to a highly unusual combination of mineral deposits in the cave, a strange process is begun whereby, within the cave, the rate of time is . . . altered. When the shaking stops and the great bear regains its feet, it is 125,000 years later! What?!

From this point on, Rawr’s plotline pretty much follows that of Jaws (but on land), and most other natural-horror tales. But in particular, Rawr follows—almost scene by scene—the story of the 1976 movie Grizzly.

Building on the Jaws craze and thoroughly panned by critics as a Jaws rip-off, was the 1976 movie Grizzly. I was 10 or 11 years old when I first saw it at the drive-in with my older brother. It made a profound impression upon me and, more so than even Jaws, sealed my love of “natural horror” into my young soul.


This quote:

The beast had no way of knowing or understanding that the light in her cave emerged from the random mixture of calcified iron and rhodium deposits that banked the unencumbered solar rays against the center of the planet’s gravitational pull in a medley that bent the speed of time within the cave.

…is the only mention of time travel and the only description of the method of time travel in the entire work. What calcified iron, rhodium, solar rays and gravity  have to do with time travel, I have absolutely no idea. And not being a chemist or a physicist, or any kind of person blessed with technological skill, I have absolutely no idea what this means or if it even has any significance.  But it was an evocative way to describe time travel.

As in nearly each of the time travel stories I have discussed in previous posts, 11/22/63: A Novel, The Lincoln Hunters, A Time to Remember and any other time travel story I may have blogged about, all treat the science or the means of time travel as a plot device utilized exclusively to get the characters WHEN they need to be for the story’s sake. The means of time travel is strictly a means to an end and once that end is achieved, quickly forgotten.

The actual mechanism of time travel is far less important to the story than getting the creature from the original time to the destination time. Rawr is no exception. However, one “little” thing sets this work apart—a time-traveling, gigantic, prehistoric bear!


I have to say it again. The idea of a time-traveling gigantic, prehistoric bear is freakin’ fantastic! More than any one thing, that right there is why I picked up this novella. And, as a novella with limited space for exposition, Rawr focuses the reader from the get-go onto the bear and the carnage that it unleashes, satisfying its acquired taste for human flesh. The human characters are superficial and, for the most part, disposable.


For those who adore Jaws and other similar  tales will enjoy Rawr. It successfully merged the two horror tropes of natural horror and time travel stories. Rawr was violent, gory and a whole lot of fun!

Good night.

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Exploring WEIRD TALES – “Dracula’s Guest” by Bram Stoker

Back to the Victorian Era! At last!

And with Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula to boot!

…sort of.


Horror fiction takes many forms – from the long, slow build-up to the short, sharp shock. Much of what I have commented on previously has been of the longer, more detailed variety. And, while I will continue to examine such works, I turn now to the pages of Weird Tales magazine for a dose or two (or more!) of the short, sharp shock.

Continuing my studies into vampire horror fiction and furthering my exploration of select stories in Weird Tales magazine, surprisingly, I find myself returning to Bram Stoker!


Then while the flood of moonlight still fell on the marble tomb, the storm gave further evidence of renewing, as though it was returning on its track. Impelled by some sort of fascination, I approached the sepulchre to see what it was, and why such a thing stood alone in such a place. I walked around it, and read, over the Doric door, in German:


On the top of the tomb, seemingly driven through the solid marble—for the structure was composed of a few vast blocks of stone—was a great iron spike or stake. On going to the back I saw, graven in great Russian letters:

“The dead travel fast.”

There was something so weird and uncanny about the whole thing that it gave me a turn and made me feel quite faint. I began to wish, for the first time, that I had taken Johann's advice. Here a thought struck me, which came under almost mysterious circumstances and with a terrible shock. This was Walpurgis Night!

[page 852-853]


This post considers “Dracula’s Guest” as it appeared in Weird Tales magazine. “Dracula’s Guest,” penned by Bram Stoker, appeared in the December 1927 issue of Weird Tales and was included in Weird Tales as part of the magazine’s “Weird Story Reprint” series. Usually the last piece in the issue, it commemorated a horror tale previously published either in Weird Tales or some other work.

Weird Tales is an American pulp magazine specializing in horror and fantasy. It was founded in late 1922 with its first issue dated March 1923. Weird Tales was known for printing works of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Seabury Quinn, Robert Bloch and many, many other notable genre authors. Plagued throughout its existence with financial woes, Weird Tales ended its initial publication run in 1954. Subsequently there were several attempts to restart the magazine. With the cessation of the latest attempt to resurrect Weird Tales with the Spring 2014 issue (No. 362), Weird Tales went dormant until Fall 2019. Weird Tales resumed publication in August 2019 with its most recent issue, No. 363.


Weird Tales was not this story’s first appearance in print. In 1914, George Routledge and Sons, book publishers in the U.K., released Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories.

This collection of nine short stories comprises four tales published for the first time as well as five previously published. Opening the collection, and following a very interesting and short Preface, was “Dracula’s Guest,” being one of the four published here for the first time. That almost wasn’t the case...

In Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories, Florence Stoker pulled these tales together in honor of her late husband’s wishes.

In authoring the “Preface” to this collection, she has this to say about the story making up this post’s focus:

To his original list of stories in this book, I have added an hitherto unpublished episode from “Dracula.” It was originally excised owing to the length of the book, and may prove of interest to the many readers of what is considered my husband’s most remarkable work.

So, according to Mrs. Stoker, “Dracula’s Guest” was edited out of the original text of Dracula only due to concerns regarding the length of the work. “Dracula’s Guest” was intended to be part of 1897’s Dracula! And, it is only due to Florence’s good intentions that it was included in the 1914 collection. Even though some modern scholars dispute Mrs. Stoker’s account that “Dracula’s Guest” was excised from an early draft of Dracula, I tend to believe Mrs. Stoker. Considering that she was actually present when Bram wrote the words.

If not for her actions, “Dracula’s Guest” might never have seen the light of day!

Thank you, Mrs. Stoker.


In this brief tale (told as a straight first-person narrative—unlike 1897’s Dracula which was written in an epistolary style.), an Englishman is leaving Munich to travel to some unknown location. The narrator, this Englishman, did not heed the warnings of the local people concerning their folk beliefs—especially on this Walpurgis Nacht.

Along the journey, the Englishman learns of a long-deserted village. Against the fervent wishes of his coachman, he decides to explore the village and sends the coach back to Munich. By nightfall, having walked for some time and enduring a storm, the moonlight revealed to the Englishman that he had wandered into a graveyard! Standing before him was a great marble tomb to some forgotten Styrian Countess.

At last, he began to appreciate his plight. He was in a depopulated town and all alone on Walpurgis Nacht—the night when the dead walk! With this realization came hailstones out of the storm. The Englishman ran to the tomb seeking shelter.

Surprisingly, he found he could open the tomb door and happily entered the tomb’s sanctuary from the weather. A lightning flash showed him a beautiful woman asleep on the bier. All at once, he was ejected from the tomb into the storm by some unknown force. The figure of the “sleeping” woman screamed in agony. The unknown power, then, dragged the Englishman into unconsciousness.

Returning to consciousness, the Englishman realized that a large wolf lay upon him. Suddenly, with the arrival of a troop of cavalry, the wolf fled into the cemetery. The troopers were excited to find the Englishman alive and unharmed.

On their return to Munich, it was revealed that the Englishman owed his salvation to his aristocratic host—Dracula!

On a side-note, it is commonly thought that this Englishman was Jonathan Harker on his way to meet Count Dracula.


The unusual publishing history of “Dracula’s Guest,” coupled with select comments by Mrs. Stoker (in my opinion), added layers of complexity and interest to this short story. And, by appearing in Weird Tales, “Dracula’s Guest” provided a new glimpse into the 1897 classic, Dracula. More importantly, it’s actual publication in Weird Tales exposed new audiences to this lesser known Stoker work.

I certainly speak for myself, but knowing all the background to this story’s publishing history, I think I appreciate “Dracula’s Guest” more as a stand-alone short as opposed to a chapter in a larger novel. While not a significant work in the evolution and expansion of vampire literature, it is nevertheless a fun read.

Good evening.


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REPOST: A Twitter Summary of Stephen King's DOCTOR SLEEP

To celebrate the 8 November 2019 movie release of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, this blog is pleased to present this revised post. “A Twitter Summary of Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP” was originally published on this blog on 12 April 2016.[1]

My inspiration for this project came from the blog, Bible Summary ( by Chris Juby. Mr. Juby took it upon himself to summarize each and every chapter in every book in the Holy Bible (Old and New Testaments) in the form of a tweet–140 characters–one tweet per chapter; a very intriguing and highly skilled endeavor. He released one tweet per chapter, per day, over the course of more than three years (from August 2010 through November 2013). Since then, the entire work has been compiled and made available through

Thus inspired, I wanted to attempt a similar task but with a bit of a twist. For the work that I select, I would summarize each chapter (or section therein) in the form of a tweet. However, instead of Holy Scripture, my selection would come from works of fiction! For example, initially, I toyed with the idea of summarizing Frank Herbert's Dune, or maybe Stephen King's It; even Tolkien's The Silmarillion. These were all possible choices for tweet-summaries. However, for this adventure, I decided to choose Stephen King's Doctor Sleep.

Doctor Sleep was Stephen King’s 52nd published novel and his 63rd published book overall. This sequel to The Shining continues the story of Danny Torrance. Now, as a troubled adult, Dan battles alcoholism and other problems as a result of his experiences at the Overlook Hotel.


Stephen King chose to write Doctor Sleep ostensibly, as the result of a fan poll.

Posted on the’s “Official Message Board,” dated 30 November 2009, the moderator relayed this message from Stephen King:

Hey, you guys—[…] I mentioned two potential projects while I was on the road, one a new Mid-World book (not directly about Roland Deschain, but yes, he and his friend Cuthbert are in it, hunting a skin-man, which are what werewolves are called in that lost kingdom) and a sequel to The Shining called Doctor Sleep. Are you interested in reading either of these? If so, which one turns your dials more? Ms. Mod will be counting your votes (and of course it all means nothing if the muse doesn't speak). Meanwhile, thanks again for 2009.[2]

In the above statement, King states that a future project will be either a new Dark Tower book—The Wind Through the Keyhole, as it turned out—or a sequel to The Shining titled Doctor Sleep. King asks his fan-base to vote to indicate their preference.

On 6 January 2010, the “Official Message Board” moderator wrote that the vote had closed on December 31st. With a vote total difference of less than 1%, Doctor Sleep won the day.

The voting closed at the end of the day on December 31st. The votes were 5,861 for Doctor Sleep and 5,812 for the new Dark Tower. I'll be letting Steve know the results but the final decision for which one gets written first is still up to his muse. He's working on another book at the moment (you know the drill--no, I can't say anything more about it until he gives the thumbs up) so it won't get started right away in any case.[3]

In 2011, King posted a statement regarding what his next book project would be following 11/22/63.

At some point, while worrying over the copyedited manuscript of the next book (11/22/63, out November 8th), I started thinking—and dreaming—about Mid-World again.[4]

So, with principal work done on his current project (11/22/63), King began to think about what comes next. And he seems to be hinting that it will be The Wind Through the Keyhole. Ironically, even though Doctor Sleep won the fan vote and would be released in the later half of 2013, The Wind Through the Keyhole still ended up actually being published a year earlier, in mid-2012.

Keep in mind, however, the work schedule implied by all of this:

Under the Dome was published in November 2009.
•The fan vote began on 30 November and ended on 31 December 2009.
11/22/63 was published in November 2011.
The Wind Through the Keyhole was published in mid-2012.
Joyland was published in June 2013.
•And lastly (for the purposes of this blog post), Doctor Sleep was published in September 2013.

This guy is a writing machine!


Tweet-sized summaries of each section in every chapter of Stephen King's Doctor Sleep are presented below. This project originally began on 1 April 2015 and ended in early February 2016.

It need hardly be said, but this work is for entertainment and educational purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended.



•Lockbox – 12 sections
•Rattlesnake – 12 sections
•Mama – 04 sections

•Chapter 01 – Welcome to Teenytown – 20 sections
•Chapter 02 – Bad Numbers – 10 sections
•Chapter 03 – Spoons – 13 sections
•Chapter 04 – Paging Doctor Sleep – 08 sections
•Chapter 05 – The True Knot – 09 sections
•Chapter 06 – Weird Radio – 12 sections

•Chapter 07 – "Have You Seen Me?" – 12 sections
•Chapter 08 – Abra's Theory of Relativity – 11 sections
•Chapter 09 – The Voice of Our Dead Friends – 06 sections
•Chapter 10 – Glass Ornaments – 10 sections
•Chapter 11 – Thome 15 – 16 sections
•Chapter 12 – They Call It Steam – 7 sections

•Chapter 13 – Cloud Gap – 17 sections
•Chapter 14 – Crow – 14 sections
•Chapter 15 – Swapsies – 14 sections
•Chapter 16 – That Which Was Forgotten – 15 sections
•Chapter 17 – Bitchgirl – 4 sections

•Chapter 18 – Going West – 13 sections
•Chapter 19 – Ghostie People – 16 sections
•Chapter 20 – Hub of the Wheel, Roof o'the World – 11 sections

•Anniversary – 2 sections
•Until You Sleep – 4 sections




0a-01: The fire at the Overlook Hotel left one dead and two badly injured. Only the child, Danny, escaped harm. Physically, at least.

0a-02: Danny's mom lived with spinal pain from the Overlook fire. Later, Danny would see something that made him stop talking for awhile.

0a-03: Visited by a ghost, expected by the part of Danny that shone. He told his mother there was a bad thing in the bathroom. She knew...

0a-04: She looked anyway and wished she hadn't. She saw the leavings from the ghost. Danny was right.

0a-05: The other survivor from the Overlook, Dick, arrived. He and Danny both shine. Dick brought a present. They talked about the ghost.

0a-06: Danny tells Dick about the ghost. They talk about bad people, bad spirits and shining. Dick reassures Danny concerning the ghost.

0a-07: Dick tells Danny about his sadistic grandfather and how when he died, he came back as a ghost. They discuss the nature of the dead.

0a-08: Dick said that the shining made ghosts more real. He gave Danny a box and taught him to make a like place in his mind to trap ghosts.

0a-09: When the ghost returned, Danny was ready. The ghost smiled and so did Danny. Then the ghost screamed!

0a-10: After reassuring his mom that all was well, Danny smiled. He could hear screaming from the lockbox in his head. It would fade soon.

0a-11: Two years later, another ghost appeared. Danny was ready and put the ghost in the mental box. He thought he was safe. He was wrong.


0b-01: Andrea killed her abusive father at 16. Now aged 32, she propositions weak men, then lures them to the movies.

0b-02: The only other people in the theater, two men and a beautiful woman named Rose, were watching Andrea make her move on her date.

0b-03: Andrea, or Andi as she is known, lulled her "mark" to sleep. Then she robbed him, going through his pockets.

0b-04: Rose watched as Andi worked her "magic."

0b-05: Andi cut double V's into the right cheek of her "mark" to teach him a wicked lesson. Suddenly, her head was seized...From the inside!

0b-06: Rose invites Andi to join the True Knot, and take "steam." Or Rose will take her talent away. Andi asked about the turning process.

0b-07: Andi underwent the "turning" to become a member of the True Knot. She had to survive breathing in "steam," and to survive the pain.

0b-08: Andi faded but came back shrieking in pain. While the True Knot chanted, she faded again. Her screams sounded far away.

0b-09: Rose thought the pain was too much for Andi, but she came back. Rose kissed Andi with passion, breathing "steam" into her.

0b-10: Andi spent her first night as a True Knot in Rose's bed.

0b-11: Other True Knot members heard the cries of Andi and Rose. They grinned.

0b-12: Andi woke with Rose. After their night together, Rose's man, Crow Daddy, returned. Andi did not care she was probably no longer human.


0c-01: Now adult, Dan woke hung-over next to some girl. Puking, hurting from a bar fight, and broke, he remembered seeing one of the dead.

0c-02: Dan remembered the night before, the girl as well as the dead guy. He understood the girl's motivations. He leaves.

0c-03: On the way to buy cheap whiskey, he spots a bum's shopping cart. He steals  a blanket off it. He feels really small.

0c-04: That night resting in a storm drain, the memory of the girl and her situation torments him… Two years pass.


Chapter 01 Welcome to Teenytown

01-01: Dan drank and drifted, job to job, place to place. On a bus, after reflection and self-loathing, he tossed his bottle into the trash.

01-02: Dan arrived at Teenytown. An old Victorian mansion beckoned to him.

01-03: Watching a miniature train, Dan thought maybe this was the place he was meant to be. Maybe he could finally right his upturned life.

01-04: Admiring the mini-train, Dan met the operator, Billy. They hit it off with the shines help. Dan is interested in working there.

01-05: Dan and Billy talk about what skills he has. They talk. Billy has a tiny bit of the shining. Billy gives Dan advice for the job.

01-06: During interview, Dan thought how his father must have been in the same position at Overlook. Dan got the job. Like father like son.

01-07: Settling into the job, Dan wondered how his father coped with his sad situation. Human nature put the weak down, instead of helped.

01-08: Waiting for a storm to hit, Dan had a vision via the shining. He considered the air at Teenytown was special, like the Overlook.

01-09: The storm brought back memories of the Overlook. Dan fought the desire for alcohol to help him cope. He won the fight...And slept.

01-10: As the storm raged, Dan dreamed and in his dream he was warned to avoid the woman in a hat. The wind screamed and the dream ended.

01-11: It was 2 AM, through the shining, his nightmare was still with him, even though awake. More screaming...This time not the wind.

01-12: Dan awoke, really awoke and searched to make sure the nightmare visitor was gone. He knew that sleep was done for tonight.

01-13: Seven years prior, Dan worked at a hospice and was known to help people die. He discussed his dreams or Jungian false awakenings.

01-14: The shining gave Dan dreams that he didn't always understand. These dreams troubled him. He craved liquor to ease this torment.

01-15: Fighting the urge to hit the road, Dan struggled with the need for a good drunk. He would give it one more day.

01-16: Dan showed up to work, to clean up after the storm.

01-17: Working hard, Dan felt happy for a change. His desire for alcohol faded to a memory of a fevered delirium. That night he dreamt.

01-18: Dreaming within a dream, Dan knew the Overlook was not done with him yet with REDRUM. Next day, he lost the war with booze.

01-19: Dan bought three bottles, but only stared at them. He felt hopeless. His friend, Billy, showed up and talked him out of it.

01-20: Originally, Billy had spoken up for Dan to get him the job. Unaware of it, Billy had some shine in him. He sent Dan to get help.

Chapter 02 Bad Numbers

02-01: Abra was born. She was a sweet baby. Her great grandmother was highly educated and deeply superstitious.

 02-02: Dan attended AA meetings. His boss ordered him to and was an unforgiving sponsor. For some reason,  today, Dan wrote the name "ABRA."

02-03: On the same day, the True Knot began moving back east after wintering in Arizona. Rose leads the caravan.

02-04: Abra's great grandmother, Concetta, despite her fervent Catholic upbringing, was sure that Abra possessed double sight.

02-05: Five months later, Lucy, Abra's mother, dreamed that Abra was crying on the floor. Written on her little chest in blood was "11."

02-06: David, Abra's father, also dreaming, searched for Abby. He saw her lying on the floor, written on her little chest was "175."

02-07: David and Lucy both woke to Abby crying hard. She was inconsolable. Afraid and at Concetta's advice, they take her to the hospital.

02-08: The hospital staff had no better luck at calming Abby. The doctor looked too young and David had a terrifying vision.

02-09: Even Concetta could not ease Abby. Their own doctor arrived and told them the 9-11 attacks had just happened. Abby stopped crying.

02-10: In NJ, the True Knot saw the 9-11 attacks. They fit right in with the crowds. They returned each day until the Good Steam ran out.

Chapter 03 Spoons

03-01: It is January 2004 and Dan was at peace, still sober, bought a used car, volunteers at a hospice and the shining had been quiet.

03-02: The shining was quiet, under control. During AA meeting, a man was troubled. Dan hugged him and used the shining to give him peace.

03-03: At the next AA meeting, the man, who Dan had eased, looked happy and relieved. All Dan wanted in return was that the man keep quiet.

03-04: That man from AA, John, a doctor himself, was a friend of David and Abby. Concetta invited him to Abby's third b-day party to observe.

03-05: They explain that they think Abby has premonitions. First the 9/11 attacks via dreams. Then hearing piano music without a piano.

03-06: David, Lucy and Concetta began to relate episodes of Abra's "powers" to Doctor John. This was to help him understand the situation.

03-07: Dan moved to an apartment that the shining pointed out to him. People noticed his ability with the dying, calling him 'Doctor Sleep."

03-08: Learning about the town while working at the hospice, Dan felt like he had found his calling and that the hospice was home.

03-09: On the day of Abby's party, Dan awoke to fine written on his blackboard "hEllo." He tried to communicate, thinking Abby was doing it.

03-10: At Abra's party, Concetta and Doctor John discussed the nature of small children.

03-11: A clown entertained the kids. To John, Abra seemed normal. She enjoyed the clown's performance.

03-12: Doctor John saw what he came to see. Abra made the spoons in the kitchen levitate. A child's version of a clown trick.

03-13: Two months later, Doctor John advised parents about Abra. They would keep quiet re: the psychic stuff and treat her as a little girl.

Chapter 04 Paging Doctor Sleep

04-01: Now January 2007, in the cold night but warm bed, Dan dreams bad dreams about the Overlook Hotel.

 04-02: Dan awakes and is called about patient Mr. Hayes. Azzie is there waiting with Mr. Hayes. Azreel is the care facility's cat.

04-03: Named Dr. Sleep by the patients and staff, Dan is called when there are no doctors and the patients are near death.

04-04: Visiting Mr. Hayes, Dan speaks to him. Dan reassures him and comforts him, telling him it was ok to sleep. And Charles Hayes slept.

04-05: Azzie was looking at the door. Dan saw a little girl there. He asked if her name was Abra. The girl was gone.

04-06: Finishing paperwork, Dan saw the big orderly, Carling, who was mean to Mr. Hayes. Carling saw the look in Dan's eyes and walked away.

04-07: Dan lay in bed awake. His rage at Carling worried him. He felt just like his father. He felt Abra's little hand in his. He slept.

04-08: Far away Abra was awake. She had held the old man's hand. She saw Dan help the old man. The cat saw her. She liked helping this man.

Chapter 05 The True Knot

05-01: The True Knot's reach is nationwide. They hide in plain sight. No one suspects the truth of what they really are. But dogs know.

05-02: May 2011, Crow Daddy meets with Rose to discuss the group's need to feed after a member of the Knot died. They need steam to live.

05-03: Andi used her talent to make the RV camp's landlord and wife sleep and dream, with no memory of what will happen later that night.

05-04: By evening, the assembled began the ritual. Canister steam feed the group. Nourished mentally and physically, they were still in need.

05-05: Next morning, the True left. The camp owner and his wife woke from a wonderful sleep. But they had troubled dreams.

05-06: In July, while in Iowa, the True Knot found a good source of steam to refill their canisters to store for a rainy day.

05-07: Most of the True waited, a small group went on, triangulating. "Good steam but not great steam. Ah, well. Beggars can't be choosers."

05-08: Bradley Trevor was special; Little League All-star, finder of lost things. Today while walking home, the True Knot found him.

05-09: Pain made steam more pure. Bradley begged, then screamed and screamed and screamed. They buried him at dawn, then moved on.

Chapter 06 Weird Radio

06-01: Abra has nightmares about the True Knot hurting Bradley. She wants Dan to help her. Her mind is like a radio tuning into bad things.

06-02: Rose realized that someone was spying on their activities with Bradley. Someone powerful. Rose knows that it is a very young girl.

06-03: Casey is Dan's AA sponsor, tough but fair. He asks about Dan's life, checking up on him and worrying about him.

06-04: Dan's sees Abra's message about a boy being killed. He tries to understand. In the end, he can only wish her a happy summer.

06-05: Abra and her mom had a day out after the nightmare. While out, Abra realized her special friend's name was Dan. And he is close.

06-06: Dan is with his friend, Billy. Seeing him, Danny is shocked. The shining shows him that Billy will die.

06-07: Dan made Billy see Casey the next morn. There may be time, as Dan only saw 3 or 4 flies on Billy's face. Not like his mother, Wendy.

06-08: Despite his protests, Casey made Billy go to the doctor. Dan called in a favor with Doctor John. Billy got an appt quickly.

06-09: AA has quite the influence. Doctor John got a Doctor Fellerton to see Billy. CT scan showed a heart aneurysm, just in time.

06-10: CT scan confirmed the diagnosis. Billy is thankful that Dan saved his life. Billy wanted to repay. For Dan, it was he who owed Billy.

06-11: On his way home from the hospital, Dan passed a roadhouse bar.. He called Doctor John for support. Dan went home, never going in.

06-12: When home, he sees Abra left a happy message. He is called to attend a patient as Dr Sleep. He does not hear from Abra for 2 years.


Chapter 07 "Have You Seen Me?"

07-01: August 2013, Concetta broke her hip. She was angry at herself for not listening to others.

07-02: Concetta told Lucy about the hip; as well as what else the doctors found. Right then Abra called, crying that her "Momo" had cancer.

07-03: Lucy spent all her time with Concetta. Abra joined her on the weekends, David watched her during the week. Then  things got worse.

07-04: Abra saw the face of Bradley on a missing children's' notice. Her shining showed her what happened to him. Abra threw up her lunch.

07-05: Abra rinsed the foul taste out her mouth. She didn't want to talk to her dad. She didn't want to think about what happened in 2011.

07-06: She couldn't help it. She wondered how the parents were coping. With her gift as she got older, she could far-see into other's minds

07-07: Abra was nervous about far-seeing. She saw what the True did to him. Someone got into her mind. Abra expelled the intruder.

07-08: David felt what he thought was an earthquake. Abra knew better.

07-09: Rose of the True was forcibly expelled from Abra's mind. She did not faint but came close. Rose had much to think about.

07-10: Rose told Crow-Daddy about it. They realize the other was huge steam potential. Rose want to capture and milk it's steam like milk.

07-11: At neighborhood party, Abra did not join with other kids.

07-12: That night, Abra was uneasy. She thought she was insane, seeing an image of the woman who killed Bradley. Abra cried for Tony's help.

Chapter 08 Abra's Theory of Relativity

08-01: Driving the mini-railroad made Dan happy, making up for his tough childhood. While talking with Billy, Dan's head exploded in pain.

08-02: Billy thought Dan was having a stroke. Billy understood Dan had a flash of the shining. He was just glad Dan was ok.

08-03: As Dan walked home, he started feeling better. He pondered his past. Dan did not think he would make anyone a good teacher.

08-04: Dan remembered how Halloran had put a name to his ability, the shining. Now Dan was not alone. Dan knew Abra was in trouble.

08-05: Wondering how he would get in touch with Abra, Dan came home to find out she had taken care of that via email.

08-06: They met the following Sat outside the public library. They acted friendly while exploring communication through the shining.

08-07: They talked both ways. Abra introduced Dan as her uncle. She told him about her abilities and about what happened to Bradley.

08-08: Abra relayed to Dan her knowledge of Bradley. They discussed how she found out - her far-seeing and her other abilities.

08-09: Dan explains that her astral projection, as he calls her far-seeing, is how she got into Rose's mind. Abra realizes she is now prey.

08-10: On his way home, Dan remembered a long-ago dream warning him about the "woman in the hat," and how dangerous she is.

08-11: Dan misses Dick Halloran and really wants his guidance. On the web, he finds his obit from 1999. Dan is called to be Dr Sleep again.

Chapter 09 The Voices of Our Dead Friends

09-01: Eleanor was 102. She was in bed, petting Azreel. She told Dan that he was to have a visitor. Then she died...And the visitor arrived.

09-02: The True Knots search for Abra was not because they were desperate for steam. Rose plans to visit her in her sleep.

09-03: Dick Halloran speaks through Eleanor. They talk about Abra and the True Knot - Empty Devils. Dick tells Dan to help Abra.

09-04: Dan oversaw the transporting of Eleanor's body out. He will do what is required to help Abra.

09-05: Dan updated Abra about his plans. She was scared but excited. She was happy to have Dan looking out for her.

09-06: Abra told Dan that he couldn't tell her parents. Dan knew they would find out. He took time off deal with a family matter.

Chapter 10 Glass Ornaments

10-01: Lucy calls David. Concetta has gotten much, much worse. She had to deal with it alone. Hospice care is needed. Abby knows the truth.

10-02: Rose tries to meditate to help her find the girl. Others interrupt her. They reveal that Grampa Flick, oldest of the True is fading.

10-03: Dan asks Billy and John to help protect Abby. He proves the validity of the Shining. They share their experiences of Abra's powers.

10-04: They further discuss Abra and what she needs. Then they talk about the True Knot, what they are, and that they need to be stopped.

10-05: Rose was finally able to enter a meditative state. Rose was certain she could slip into the girl's mind as she slept.

10-06: Abra talked with her mom on the phone. She knew her mom wasn't telling her the whole story about her "momo."

10-07: While in bed, Abra "spoke" with Dan. They confirmed that bringing Abra Bradley's glove would help her track the True Knot.

10-08: Dan was playing card while carrying on this conversation with Abra. He bid her goodnight and reminded her to set her alarm.

10-09: Abra set the alarm in her mind if the evil lady came looking for Abra in her sleep. In dreams, she was a fierce horse warrior.

10-10: Rose used steam to power her invasion of the girl's dreams. Then Abra's alarm went off. Rose was upset that she walked into a trap.

Chapter 11 Thome 15

11-01: Rose, Crow and a few others were watching Grampa Flick cycle. They determine he had measles! Bradley had it and now the True have it.

11-02: Abra could not wait to tell Dan via the shining that she fought Rose and bested her. They decide to meet up to talk in person.

11-03: Abra told him about the encounter. She informed Dan about what she learned while in Rose's mind. Abra is in more danger than ever.

11-04: Rose is informed that Grampa Flick is finally fading away. When he was utterly gone, all the True Know began to chant.

11-05: After a shortened mourning period for Grampa Flick had passed, Crow & Rose discussed the plan to kidnap Abra and who to take with him.

11-06: Dan & John talk while travelling. Dan talks about what it is like to be like Abra and himself. And about the Overlook Hotel.

11-07: Dan shares more about his past, with John. They are going to search for Bradley's glove. Not a treasure hunt, but much more dangerous.

11-08: They arrive at the location and check it out. Then they find a motel to rest.

11-09: Dan & John get adjoining rooms. Dan went out to pick up tools that they will need to retrieve the glove.

11-10: Later that night, the men set out. They did not even see another car. They are both on edge.

11-11: Once there, Dan contacts Abra via the Shining and wakes her up. She leads them to the exact spot. Dan sends Abra away before they dig.

11-12: After digging for a few minutes, the smell was all the confirmation they needed. Dan searched the boy's remains and found the glove.

11-13: They reburied the body. They decided to wait some months to let the police know where Bradley is. Dan vows the True Knot will pay.

11-14: Rose & Crow discussed a few things before he and his party set out after Abra. Rose has concerns.

11-15: Dan & John were quiet as they returned to the motel. John wants to tell Abra's parents. She is opposed but knows how much has changed.

11-16: Lucy called David to update him on Concetta's status. Abra tells David about John and Dan. He did not understand. She helps him.

Chapter 12 They Call It Steam

12-01: Dan and John talk about what David, Abra's father, will say to them. John hopes that David doesn't call the cops.

12-02: The men arrived at Abra's house. She ran into Dan's arms. David is hostile toward the men. Billy is watching from across the street.

12-03: The True's hunting party is in route. Using the internet, they zero in on Abra's neighborhood. One of the True shows signs of measles.

12-04: Abra and Dan explain to her father about how they know each other. And about the glove. They tried to explain about the True as well.

12-05: Abra examines the glove. She knows the True are coming for her. She knows who they are and that they have the measles.

12-06: Crow called Rose to update her on the hunt and on the condition of the hunters. Rose gave last minute instructions.

12-07: Dan explained his plan to the others. David believed that they believe what they are saying. Dan introduces Billy.


Chapter 13 Cloud Gap

13-01: Crow picked up the tranquilizers. Barry was suffering from the measles. Barry told Crow that he can feel the girl. They prepare.

13-02: Abra was quiet at school. Others thought she was sick. She was trying to be in two places at once in order to fool the True.

13-03: The True believed Abra's performance. They watched porn to throw off any spy. Barry needed to tell Crow something urgently.

13-04: Dan let Abra fill his mind while she tracked the True. A flash of porn upset the bond. David spoke to Dan as if he was Abra.

13-05: Abra is stressed having to split her attention between playing a game with friends and being present with Dan.

13-06: Dan and Abra's mind sharing is distracting for both. David talks to Dan/Abra about family history. They arrive at the picnic area.

13-07: The True hunting party is nearing the picnic area. Barry cycles and is gone.

13-08: Abra sends to Dan that Barry passed. Dan sees her as a Viking fighter. Dan and David arrive at the picnic spot and set up the trap.

13-09: Abra heads home to wait. She wanted to cheer Dan. She was sure they would win because without Barry the True were blind.

13-10: The picnic ground was quiet. Dan and David could hear a car approaching. The True were coming. Dan gripped his gun.

13-11: Billy watched Abra from his truck. She left her friends and went home. He saw her go inside her house. Billy was uneasy about this.

13-12: The True arrived. Dan flicked the safety off his gun. They tried to put Dan to sleep. Abra screamed in his mind, "WHERE'S THE CROW!"

13-13: Dan jerked awake and misfired his gun, surprising the True. David came out of hiding, firing his weapon. One of the True went down.

13-14: Rose felt an explosion in her head. Something had gone very wrong with the hunting party.

13-15: Dan shot another. The last True, Andi, charged David. John came out of hiding and smashed her down. Dan knew they had missed Crow.

13-16: John tried to ease the injured True's suffering, to no avail. However, David was happy at their deaths.

13-17: Dan tells David and John that he can no longer sense Billy. They have to return home. Abra is missing.

Chapter 14 Crow

14-01: Barry warned Crow that the girl was spying on them and maybe she could be in two places at once. Crow separates from the group.

14-02: Crow hoped he wasn't making a mistake. He found a map and locates the girl's house.

14-03: Crow saw a truck parked and knew it was a guard for the girl. Then he saw her. He could not reach his group so he went for the truck.

14-04: Crow approached Billy in his truck and injected him with the tranq. Crow felt the entire hunting party die and wanted Abra to pay.

14-05: Abra was with Dan at the ambush. She raised the alarm about Crow not being there. Rose screamed and swapped minds with Abra.

14-06: In Abra's head, Rose plotted. Abra blasted back and forced Rose out of her head. But the last thing Rose saw in Abra's eyes was Crow!

14-07: Abra used all of her psychic might to force Rose out of her mind. Returning to herself, Abra saw Crow coming toward her. Abra ran.

14-08: Crow caught her. He injected her with the tranq. Abra was now property of the True.

14-09: Crow carried Abra to the truck and buckled her next to Billy. He contacts Rose and makes arrangements. Rose really wants Abra dead.

14-10: Crow was on the road. The True guide him along back roads and tell him that there is no police news of Abra. He finds Billy's gun.

14-11: Abra wakes up. Crow intimidates her by threatening to kill Billy to make sure she behaves.

14-12: Abra was drugged but not out. She filled the gas tank at a station. Crow still held Billy's life as a guarantee of her good behavior.

14-13: Abra could not reach Dan through the shining. She knows that Rose is Crow's girlfriend. Crow lets Abra buy drinks for them.

14-14: Returning with drinks, Abra informs Crow that she has to use the bathroom. Desperate, she tries to reach out to Dan again.

Chapter 15 Swapsies

15-01: The men discuss what to do if indeed Abra was taken. They talk sense into David. Dan remembers something about the Overlook.

15-02: They go back to Abra's house. Dan was tormented, craving a drink. He tells David to call and meet with his wife, Abra's mom.

15-03: The three men are on the way to talk with Abra's mom, Lucy. Dan is trying to reach out to Abra. Then, success! He has a plan!

15-04: David and John realize Dan and Abra have swapped minds. But they don't know how to help.

15-05: Crow pulls Abra/Dan out of the public bathroom. Crow got in the truck and drove. Dan via Abra entered Crow's mind.

15-06: Driving, Crow felt his face go numb. He knew Abra/Dan did it. She made him drive off the road. They struggled. Abra won. Crow lost.

15-07: Rose felt Crow die. She plans revenge. The True plan to go after Abra. Abra spoke to Rose's mind. She is coming for Rose.

15-08: Dan speaks to Rose in Abra's voice. "I'll come to you."

15-09: Billy is still groggy. He knows Abra is not herself. She buries Crow's clothing. She tries to wake Billy up.

15-10: Dave and John park and walk Dan's body around to keep Abra awake. Abra in Dan's body knows how to wake Billy up.

15-11: Soda sprayed over Billy's face. Now he was awake. Billy realized that Abra is controlled by Dan. They make plans.

15-12: Dan was back in his body. He updates them on Abra. Dan also tells them  that Crow is dead and they have to worry about Rose.

15-13: Billy and Abra say at a motel. She says she is happy Crow is dead and Rose is upset. Abra talks to her dad and Dan on the phone.

15-14: Rose takes a lot of steam She was thinking about what Abra said - that she is coming for Rose. Rose was pleased about that.

Chapter 16 That Which Was Forgotten

16-01: Dan reassures Dave that Abra is okay. Dan tells him to get his wife and visit her mom, Concetta, in the hospital.

16-02: Dan and John discuss Dave and his wife and that they are going to have a lot to talk about.

16-03: Dan and John travel in order to prepare Concetta who is near the end of her life.

16-04: Sitting next to Concetta, who is comatose, Dan holds her hand and calls her in the shining. She wakes up and comes back.

16-05: They spoke for a few minutes. Dan made sure she was ready. He held her hand as Concetta breathed her last.

16-06: A moment later, Lucy bursts in. He reprimands her for her rudeness. In private, he reveals a secret to her. They are half-siblings.

16-07: They discuss Dan's revelation. Abra knew before anyone, even Dan. He convinces them  they need to sleep before going to get Abra.

16-08: Dan talks about his father and that Abra shares traits with him; and about the shining. Also how Dan's father and Lucy's mother met.

16-09: Dan and John discuss the Overlook Hotel, the True and the connection. Dan was tormented by nightmares during his rest.

16-10: Dan woke and saw the message that Abra left to reassure her mother.

16-11: Over breakfast, they all discuss Dan's father. Then Lucy's mother and her death.

16-12: Then Dan goes into detail how Abra was involved with the True and how Abra challenged Rose. A fight to the death.

16-13: The True are wealthy and powerful. Rose will never stop. They head out to join Abra and Billy.

16-14: Rose let members of the True go. The others were loyal. Sarey, Andi's mate wants revenge for Andi's death. Revenge on Abra.

16-15: Dan researched the sight of the Overlook Hotel online and the True's involvement. Evil calls to evil. He sends to Abra to wake her.

Chapter 17 Bitchgirl

17-01: At the motel, Abra reassured Dan, via the shining that all was well. They plan to drive Rose to rage. Abra calls Rose on the phone!

17-02: Rose is impressed by the girl's brass to actually call her on the phone.

17-03: Rose and Abra talk. Abra goads and pushes Rose. Abra challenges Rose to met at the at the Overlook sight called Roof O' the World.

17-04: Abra cried. Not because the True were coming for her. Rather she was coming for them. And that terrified her.

17-05: Rose makes arrangements to clean up her own mess.

17-06: Dan ends his sending to Abra. He sees his face in a mirror. It is covered with flies.


Chapter 18 Going West

18-01: At the motel, there was an emotional reunion with Abra; between mother and child.

18-02: Lucy wants Abra to go home. The others explain the real danger of Rose. Abra wants to fight and end it once and for all.

18-03: They work out their plan. Billy will accompany  Dan in his pickup. Abra will join them later.

18-04: On their way, Dan and Billy talk. They talk about how much time Dan has and that he will last long enough.

18-05: Abra knew something was wrong with Dan. It is troubling her and she doesn't know what to do.

18-06: Billy and Dan eat breakfast. Dan goes to a bathroom and throws it all up with blood. They drive on.

18-07: Still traveling to Denver, Dan tires very easily. He is worried about Abra. They go over the plan again. Dan has bad dreams.

18-08: Part of the plan, Abra calls the Overlook Lodge. She tells Rose that she is coming. Abra lays out conditions for their encounter.

18-09: Dan receives Abra's reassurance that the call went well. He and Billy review the plan and how it SHOULD play out.

18-10: In a small town in Colorado, in a store going out of business, Dan paid cash for something.

18-11: Nearing Denver, Dan and Abra swapped minds. Dan tells Bill later that the swap was a way for the True to detect Abra's approach.

18-12: Token Charlie reported to Rose that he picked up on Abra. He saw and heard her for a few seconds. Rose was pleased.

18-13: In Boulder, Dan and Abra swapped again to alert the True. Dan visits his boyhood home. He remembered the love he felt for his dad.

Chapter 19 Ghostie People

19-01: Safe at home, Abra talks with her parents about what is coming. John watches. She warns them about what they might see.

19-02: Billy and Dan arrive. Dan knows that what he has planned might kill him. But he has no choice.

19-03: Rose and Sarey arrive early. Sarey practices hiding and how she will attack if Rose calls her. They discuss how it will play out.

19-04: Dan reassures Billy that he will be ok. They hug and part. Billy preps the mannequin bought with cash to look like Abra.

19-05: Dan walked on despite the pain. He saw the meeting place and saw Rose from afar. He calls to Abra and she is there with him.

19-06: David, Lucy and John watch Abra fall over. The men hold Lucy from going to Abra. Only Dan can help her now.

19-07: Dan and Abra are in Dan's mind in the Overlook. Abra asks him about the ghosts and what is hurting him. Billy arrives in his pickup.

19-08: Rose sees the pickup. All the other True are together watching also. Rose can call on their help if needed. Something was wrong.

19-09: Abra senses Rose's unease. She wants to act. Dan opens the lockboxes in his mind, except the last one. Abra screams.

19-10: Abra's body jerked and spasmed. John held on to Lucy despite her shouts and angry threats. Abra quieted, but wept.

19-11: Abra hides in Dan's arms. The monster is gone. They go out toward Rose. Abra tells him that Rose knows something is wrong.

19-12: Rose was watching and realized Abra had tricked her. The other True were all gathered together in one place!

19-13: The remaining True watched Billy. Dan opened the last lockbox. He exhaled the poisoned steam essence of Concetta, Abra's grandmother.

19-14: Rose realized Abra was in the building with another. She tried to stop Dan but was too late.

19-15: The True turned. The mist essence of Concetta moved into them. In seconds, the True were wiped out. Abra gloated. Rose shrieked.

19-16: Rose screamed as she felt the True die. Sarey was ok for now. Rose was filled with rage and poured her fury into Dan like steam.

Chapter 20 Hub of the Wheel, Roof o'the World

20-01: Dan was back in his memories, corrupted by Rose. She told him that she had killed Abra. He attacked her by strangling.

20-02: Rose drove Dan into a mad rage. Abra could not reach him to help. Billy came to the rescue. Rose was knocked down.

20-03: Abra understood the mind game Rose played on Dan. She stayed with Dan though he wanted her to go home.

20-04: Dan saw Rose trying to kill Billy and Abra struggling with her. Billy got away. Abra had to return home to care for her body.

20-05: Her parents and John see Abra wake up. She tells them she has to go back.

20-06: Rose knows that if Dan was dead, Abra would be vulnerable. She calls out for Sarey to help her.

20-07: Sarey, hiding in a shed, heard the call from Rose. But she was stopped. The spirit so long trapped in Dan's lockbox killed Sarey.

20-08: Rose heard Sarey scream. She had to finish Dan before Abra returned. She tried to overpower Dan in his mind but someone stopped her.

20-09: Dan and Abra watched Rose cycle and die. Abra smiled. She made Dan promise to burn Rose's top hat. They don't know who stopped Rose.

20-10: Abra wakes at home. She tells them that Dan and Billy are ok, though Billy is injured. Also the True are gone.

20-11: Dan found matches and burned Rose's hat. As he and Billy walked down the hill, Dan looked back and saw his father.



99a-01: In AA, Dan celebrates 15 years sober. He relates what Casey told him about his great regret. It wasn't so bad after all.

99a-02: After the meeting, Dan and Casey talked about the weather and how it wasn't so bad after all, too.

Until You Sleep

99b-01: At Abra's 15th b-day party, Dan saw her growing up. He promised Lucy that he would talk to Abra about the shining.

99b-02: Dan and Abra talk. He tells her about his blood that is prone to violence. Blood that she shares. Dan is called to be Dr Sleep again.

99b-03: Fred Carling, a male orderly who Dan argued with in the past, is dying from a car accident. He asks for Dan.

99b-04: It is Dan's purpose. They talk via the shining. Dan reassures Fred about his dog. He holds Fred's hand until he sleeps.


I cannot express how much I enjoyed this project. More, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed returning to this project and revising it.

Though it was a great deal of work, and at times very frustrating, I am considering the idea of doing it again!

Only time will tell.

Time? That reminds me...


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