Monday, May 18, 2015

Chapter 02 Bad Numbers

Continuing my tweet summary of Stephen King's DOCTOR SLEEP…

02-01:Abra was born. She was a sweet baby. Her great grandmother was highly educated and deeply superstitious.

02-02:Dan attended AA meetings. His boss ordered him to and was an unforgiving sponsor. For some reason, today, Dan wrote the name "ABRA."

02-03:On the same day, the True Knot began moving back east after wintering in Arizona. Rose lead the caravan.

02-04:Abra's great grandmother, Concetta, despite her fervent Catholic upbringing, was sure that Abra possessed double sight.

02-05:Five months later, Lucy, Abra's mother, dreamed that Abra was crying on the floor. Written on her little chest in blood was "11."

02-06:David, Abra's father, also dreaming, searched for Abby. He saw her lying on the floor, written on her little chest was "175."

02-07:David and Lucy both woke to Abby crying hard. She was inconsolable. Afraid and at Concetta's advice, they take her to the hospital.

02-08:The hospital staff had no better luck at calming Abby. The doctor looked too young and David had a terrifying vision.

02-09:Even Concetta could not ease Abby. Their own doctor arrived and told them the 9-11 attacks had just happened. Abby stopped crying.

02-10:In NJ, the True Knot saw the 9-11 attacks. They fit right in with the crowds. They returned each day until the Good Steam ran out.