Saturday, October 26, 2019

Praise for LIMETOWN (2019- )

This is going to be another really short blog post and I don’t care.

Ok. I don’t normally do this, but Holy Smokes! I have to sing some praises right now.


Produced by Midnight Radio and Two-Up Productions, Limetown is a 2019 10 episode mystery-thriller. Limetown is distributed by Facebook as A Facebook Watch Original. In this first season, each of the 10 episodes runs approximately 30 minutes.

A fictional drama series debuting in July 2015, the story of Limetown was introduced via podcast. Within a few months, Limetown became the #1 podcast in the U.S. The podcast’s second season aired in October 2018. Based on viewing the first two episodes, the Facebook series closely parallels the podcast in some areas and is widely divergent in others. The podcast and the Facebook episodes are even close in episodic length as well.

Building upon the success of the first and second seasons of the podcast, a prequel novel was written and published in late 2018. This book is centered around the impact of the Limetown incident upon the life of a young Lia Haddock, who would grow to become the investigative journalist that the story cycle (either podcast or Facebook) is built around.


In brief, Limetown is:

•A mystery 15 years past that left an entire scientific community (of hundreds) deserted. This town was Limetown.
•An investigative journalist who won’t let the mystery go.
•A solid non-linear narrative (one of my favorite styles of story-telling) where the audience discovers what happened through flashbacks as the investigation proceeds.

All this, coupled with a strong X-Files vibe, makes Limetown a joy to watch and a pleasure to experience.

And, I am only two episodes in!

I never thought I would say this, but…Thank you, Facebook!

Perhaps, I will do a wrap-up after the entire season has aired. We’ll see.

Good Evening.


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